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Our Team

Each member of the Marshall Custom Woodworks team brings his/her own level of expertise to every project that we do. It would be our pleasure to put our extensive experience to work for you.


Tom’s experience in woodworking dates back as far as childhood (still in diapers), where he pounded nails into a board (filling it up) in his father’s workshop. He picked up necessary skills and tips from his late Father, Harold E. Marshall, and is known in Northeast Missouri to be a skilled artisan. During Tom’s 34 years of business, he has learned to use his creative God-given talent to build many beautiful items, including furniture items that were shipped out of State to South Carolina as well as to the Bahamas. Having an amazingly proportional mind, he has designed unique one-of-a-kind items and routinely builds items from photographs/magazine pages or rough sketches brought to him by clients. Tom embraces the opportunity to build difficult items and items that require bending wood to create curved surfaces. He will take any opportunity he is given to incorporate burl onlays, overlays, or veneers, especially bookmatched pieces. Tom established Marshall Custom Woodworks in LaPlata, Missouri, in 1985, following 5 years of service in the United States Marine Corps Embassy Security Battalion (Brazzaville, Congo; Rome, Italy). Since 1985, Tom has completed projects of all kinds and sizes, ranging from custom homes to custom piano chairs and everything in between. In 2005, Tom (and his wife and partner, Kelly) designed/built/created a small train-themed boutique hotel, the Depot Inn and Suites. They also remodeled an historic building in LaPlata, the Silver Rails Event Center. In 2007, Kelly joined Tom in their business on a full-time basis, and she now manages their finishing processes, handles accounting and marketing for their business.


Ralph Lyons began designing cabinetry projects for Marshall Custom Woodworks in 2009, and now handles most of the company’s design work. However, Ralph’s design didn’t begin in 2009; rather his expertise covers 25+ years. Ralph is known to be one of the best designers around. The way it works: When a client makes contact with Marshall Custom Woodworks to request a bid, the client’s contact information is forwarded to Ralph. He then makes contact with the customer to arrange a time to meet with them one-on-one in their home or at the project site, where he’ll visit with them and gather information about what they like/are looking to achieve in their project. Depending upon the scope/size of the project, a design fee may be requested. However, that fee is applied to the cost of the project if Marshall Custom Woodworks is chosen to complete the work. The fee is non-refundable.


Kelly Marshall is Tom’s wife and business partner. She manages the finishing operation of their business, which includes sanding, staining, and finishing items that are built by Tom and Grant. Kelly also manages the phones and customer contacts; handles the Shop’s marketing plan; and orders supplies and products as needed. She has become very proficient in using their new E-Z Stain System, taking care of mixing custom stains as needed, including matching colors, etc., on various wood species. Kelly joined Tom in the shop on a fulltime basis in July 2007. She spent the previous 11 years working in a grants office at a local medical college.

Grant and Rachel Marshall

Grant, Tom and Kelly's son, started as a full time member early last year. Growing up in the shop with his dad, Grant has picked up various skills and is now learning the trade. In 2020, Rachel started part time helping Kelly with the finishing. Now she manages the website and social media for the business.  

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